Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Catskill Creek

We planned to get up early but in addition to our alarm, a French Canadian sailboat that pulled in beside us last night around 11:00 PM starts hammering and sawing their mast cradle around 7:00 AM. They are heading out the Erie and Oswego Canals and not waiting for the Champlain Canal to open. Since we are not in a rush we let them unstep their mast first. It takes me 2 hours to get the boat ready to take the mast down. Once the mast it down and in the cradle on the deck we move the boat to a vacant slip. We have lunch at the Creekside and later in the afternoon walk a mile to Walmart to do some food shopping and a stop by Harbor Freight for nylon straps.



Not OSHA approved !

Mast Crane, actually a quarry derrick

Finally we get an email announcement in the afternoon that the first 5 locks are now open and the remaining ones will soon be open. I expect the whole canal will be open by Friday. We will leave Friday morning for Waterford giving the boats ahead of us time to move on.

For dinner we split Chicken Marsala at “The Creekside”, did I mention that we like “The Creekside” ?

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