Monday, June 10, 2019

Malletts Bay, Home


Home, Green Mountains of Vermont

Today's forecast is for south winds over 15 knots and higher in the afternoon. We get an early start around 6:00 am to avoid the higher afternoon winds. As we get further north on the lake the waves build up to 1 foot or so. Not a problem since the wind is directly on our stern. If this wind was from the west it might have been difficult rocking side to side with a mast over our deck. 

Burlington, Vermont with Mtn Mansfield in the background


Entering Malletts Bay, Homeport

We are at Malletts Bay Boat Club around noontime. The high water is going to be a problem for us to unload the boat. Normally we drive our van down to the working dock right, to our boat to unload items directly to our van. The working dock is underwater and the floating dock does not have its ramp connected to shore, so we can not load carts and wheel them up the ramp from the dock. We will have to hand carry everything we remove from the boat.


Time to unload

Working Dock, our club members don't walk on water, but they do drive on it.

After lunch we walk over to the Champlain Marina and schedule to put the mast back up on Wednesday. We take our last Uber ride of this trip, home, to get our van. Surprisingly the Van starts right up like is was running yesterday. Only having one vehicle right now improved the odds. In the past one or both vehicles had battery issues. And this time we actually have house keys with us on the boat and don’t have to break in to our own home. Our house sitters Sam and Aubrey have bought a house just south of us and moved out a couple weeks ago. Sam has been stopping by to mow the lawn and water the plants. Its good to be home. 

Nine months of mail, mostly junk. The important stuff was photographed and emailed to us by our house sitters.