Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Catskill Creek

It is only 20 miles to Hop-o-Nose and we will not get a favorable current until around noontime so we are in no rush to leave. I head over to the Kingston Maritime Museum at 11:00 AM when it opens for a quick trip through. It becomes even quicker when a couple large, noisy school groups come to the museum. 

Leaving Rondout Creek, Kingstono, NY


Pole sticking up in middle of channel, I wacked it coming in.


Entering Catskill Creek

Sign could use some repairs

Mast crane dock

We leave just after noontime and reach Hop-o-Nose at 3:00 and pull right into the dock space under the mast crane. We quickly get the sails off and folded before it starts to rain. In my rush, I don’t do a very good job folding the sails so they will take up a little more room than normal.

I find our mast cradle that I bundled up and tied to the wall of the storage shed last fall. Happy to find it where I left it, wood stored here tends to get pilfered for new cradles. 


Mast cradle right were I left it last Fall

We split a dinner of broiled seafood at the “Creekside” restaurant at Hop-o-Nose. We always enjoy eating there the food is very good.

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