Saturday, June 8, 2019

Fort Edwards

We don’t rush out in the morning. I walk over to the first lock on the Erie canal and talk with the lock operators. 

Self portrait on Visitor Center Webcam

First lock on Erie Canal, old lock on right


The old lock in operation

When we leave around 9:00 we have a boat waiting to take our spot. We have 6 locks to do today to get us to Fort Edwards. Fort Edwards has a free town wall with power and is a favorite stop along the Champlain Canal. 

Approaching Lock 3, Mechanicsville, NY

In Lock 3

Lock 5

We only share a couple locks with other boats, a day or two earlier it was quite busy for the lock operators for the boats backed up at Waterford. Now the remaining boats are fairly spread out along the canal. When we arrive at Fort Edwards we find only one other sailboat and two trawlers, was expecting to find the wall full. We walk to the “Anvil” for dinner, which apparently was a black smith shop some time in it’s past. 

On the way back through town we discover a new Brew Pub that opened last winter and it is quite busy. Nice to see this activity in this downtown that previously always looked deserted.

"Slickfin", New Brew Pub in Fort Edwards

The free wall at Fort Edwards

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