Friday, June 7, 2019

Waterford, NY

We leave at 5:30 AM in an attempt to catch as much of the flood current up the river as possible. We passed Antares, Lennard and Lynnea Rossiner’s boat which they left at Catskill Creek, with the mast down, to return to home in Vermont until the locks opened. 



Some of the many waiting northbound boats


Early exit

 Once on the Hudson, we are not getting the predicted boost in current we were expecting. This may be a factor of the high water issues and the accompanying run off. There is a lot a debris in the river requiring paying attention and dodging the occasional log. As we approach the town of Athens on the west shore of the Hudson and the Town of Hudson on the east shore, a northbound barge, who we popped out in front of leaving Catskill creek, on is gaining on us. Instead of sharing the main channel with him we head up the west side of the river, split by a 2 mile long island. As we pass Athens we spy Nomadic Spirit on the town free dock. 

Nomadic Spirit

The engine seems to be vibrating excessively. I hope it is because we picked up some weeds on our prop. I put the engine in reverse and back up for a couple minutes. We continue on in forward and the abnormal vibration goes away. Our detour worked out well for us because on the AIS I could see another barge heading south on the other side of the island and it would have been rather crowded for us with the two barges passing each other.

As we approach Troy NY, we pass the local cruise ship that got pulled off it’s moorings on the Hudson in last January's ice jam and ran into a railroad bridge. Apparently the bridge is fine, the swing bridge center span is closed for a train crossing as we approach and opens shortly after. 

Captain J.P. III going through the railroad bridge the correct way


Captain J.P. III encounter with same railroad bridge in January

Passing by Troy and approaching the Federal Lock we have more than 2 knots of current on our nose. We feel like we are motoring up the rapids as we approach the lock. Once we get out of the current, behind the lock, I have to back down on the throttle so we don’t surge ahead into the lock. 

Power Dam at the Troy Federal Lock


My Happy Hooker

From the Federal lock it is a couple miles to Waterford. I have been watching the two live Webcams there to see how many boats have been leaving. For the first time we get space on the floating dock with power. In the past these docks have been full and we tied up to the cement wall further down. We are tied up right after noontime. 


Waterford Visitor Center

Around 4:00pm our friend Kathy and Keith show up and shortly after their friends from Albany Len and Walter arrive. Later we all head to McGreivey’s for dinner.

 Motley Crew: Nile, Len, Ken, Linda, Walter & Kathy

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