Sunday, June 2, 2019

Shattemuc Yacht Club

I decide to spend the day in NYC and visit the Intrepid. The cell phone is great for getting to and from NYC. Google tells us what train and what bus to take. An MTA eTix app allows us to buy tickets online and have the ticket on our phones. Although I am a little disappointed, none of the Conductors scan our bar coded iPhone tickets. They just look at them a say OK. 

Off to the Big City


Grand Central Station

I apparently failed to mention the full name to Linda “The Intrepid Air and Space Museum”. 

She accuses me of “bait and switch”, an aircraft carrier is one thing, but an “Air and Space Museum” is not her thing. I have to admit it turns out the Air and Space part was rather boring. We did get to tour the “Growler”, one of the first submarines that could launch nuclear bomb winged cruise missiles patrolling the coast of Russia from 1958 to 1964, prior to submarine launched missiles. The Growler had to surface to launch the primitive “Cruise“ missiles of the day. For the Growler crew, it would have been a suicide launch, revealing their presence on the surface long enough to launch would of made them and easy target.

We walk back toward Grand Central Station and stop by Bryant Park for a late lunch. Being, Sunday some of the streets are closed with lots of street vendors. We get a selection of Empanadas and drinks and find a table in the Park and enjoy the Sunday show of people. We catch the train back to Ossining and spend the evening of the boat.


Bryant Park

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