Monday, June 3, 2019


We leave before 8:00 AM to catch the current up the Hudson. With all the rain up north there is a lot of debris in the river. We bump a log that I did not see. A cool day, but we get a good current boost north most of the day. I haven’t decided whether to dock at the maritime museum or the free dock in front of the Oh Savannah Restaurant. First we have to head further up the creek to pump out and fuel up. As we pass Oh Savannah we see our new Looper friends “Nomadic Spirit” at the dock. After we fuel up we come back and tie up behind them. Then we make room for another Looper (Canadians) they previously met, who are a few hundred miles from home north of Lake Champlain. We have happy hour on Nomadic Spirit with Tina & Patrick, the Canadian Loopers. We all have dinner at Oh Savannah, part the deal for having a free dock.

Free dock in front of Oh Savannah Restaurant

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